Mobile Development

Developer Tools
In day-to-day business, there are a number of tasks that can be completed much more easily and quickly using the appropriate tools. Tools developed by us are listed here.
Our Print Analyzer in the app store helps to analyze print data sent to Zebra, Toshiba, Sato or laser printers. To display hidden control characters in barcodes, use our RawCodeScan and the NetWorkTool for Windows helps to display data when transferring via TCP.


Print Analyzer

Our Print Analyzer is a tool for everyone who has to work with print data for label or laser printers. Not only pure data is displayed, but also the commands of the respective printer languages Zebra-ZPL, Sato-SBPL, Toshiba-TPCL and HP-PCL.

In order to be able to analyze the print data from a label or laser printer, the software simulates a printer via the WLAN interface to receives the data. Alternatively, print files can be loaded to get content informations. This offers a detailed analysis of the received data directly on the iPhone or iPad.



Raw Code Scan

The RawCodeScan barcode scanner is made for developers and shows unreadable control characters in a barcode in addition to the plain barcode content. This also helps to get an insight into the coding of barcodes.

The control characters are displayed in curly brackets and all ASCII characters below 32d and above 127d are output like this. If no name is given for the character, the decimal value is entered.



Label ID Network Tool

Our Network Tool is a PC application that can be used to send data to a printer on IP address via port 9100 (configurable). This makes it very easy to test data for controlling label printers and supports ASCII files (editable) and binary data.

To analyze data for a printer, the TCP server can be started. This server simulates a printer on the TCP address via port 9100 and displays received data. This data can be saved in hex view or binary as received.

The software is available free of charge upon request!