Loftware Versions
The Loftware products covers a wide range of requirements. From layout design and printing at a single workstation, through solutions with PowerForms and Automation up to a complete Label Management System.
All versions can be extended for future requirements. Start with Designer Pro, expand with the PowerForms Suite to include PowerForms and Automation and also switch to Cloud or LMS versions as a Label Management System.

Version Comparison

The Layout Designer features are identical for all versions and all important database systems (SQL, Access, MySQL...) are supported. Licensing per printer comes with unlimited number of installations.

A bit special is the Cloud Designer as it comes with Designer Pro version combined with cloud storage. This makes it possible to work from anywhere and with other teams. Due to the licensing as subscription, the Cloud Designer is currently the cheapest way compared to the more advanced packages as long as not many printers are used.

Functions Designer Pro PowerForms Suite Cloud Designer
Designer Pro x x x
Database Support x x x
PowerForms --- x ---
Automation Easy --- x ---
Unlimited Installs x x x
Cloud Storage --- --- x
Cloud based Teamwork --- --- x

Loftware Powerforms Suite

The PowerForms Suite is primarily intended for companies that have multiple designers as licensing per printer allows unlimited installations of the software packages. Additional Automation Easy is added to the Designer Pro and PowerForms Builder. This enables connections to management systems, testing devices or other hardware like scales and scanners. The Automation Builder configures the automation and the Automation Manager controls the services that finally do the work.

Automation Easy is a limited version of Automation Enterprise, but still contains the most important functions for connecting to other systems: directory monitoring for reading data files, serial interface to connect scanners and scales, database monitoring with actions on incoming data records and finally monitoring network TCP/IP ports for incoming data.



Loftware Designer Pro

The Loftware Designer Pro is included in all versions and is the base for the layout design. With its Office-like user interface, many functions are intuitive in use without reading the manual. The strict separation between layout fields and data content allows properties to be adjusted directly across multiple fields.
Another big plus is the database connection wizard, which establishes a connection to common database systems with just a few clicks.

All elements required for a layout are available in the designer. There are 3 variants of text content: fields where text size is always adjusted to field size, multi-line text fields with automatic adjustment of font sizes or width and also RichText fields with advanced combined content such as text, variables, tables and images.
Of course, barcodes are important and all 1D and 2D variants are available including wizards for barcode specifications such as GS1, HIBC and ANSI.

Cloud Designer

The Cloud Designer is the Starter Product to layout design in the cloud. With its subscription license model, it is the cheapest version to use Designer Pro with as many installations as you like. In addition a cloud area is set up where you can save your layouts. This makes it easy to work from home and involve external partners for layout design.

In the cloud, there are separate areas for your layouts, images and databases. It comes with a huge number of layout templates from all industrial sectors. As a partner, we can provide layouts on request to help with the work for complex layouts. Of course, you can also download layouts to use them offline, but by experience the Cloud has often higher availability compared to your own PC hardware.