NiceLabel Überblick
We offer products from Loftware NiceLabel in our software packages for label printing and also in our cloud solutions, as they allow us to cover a wide range of our customers' requirements very efficiently and professionally.
Compared to other label printing programs, with NiceLabel you have the choice of licensing per workstation with any number of printers or a printer-based license with any number of software installations.


Version Overview

When it comes to software products for label printing, we offer desktop solutions and label management systems. This section of our website is about desktop solutions from simple layout design to complex applications for printing in production. Apart from the Express version for private users, the versions differ primarily in available software modules and type of licensing.

The NiceLabel software modules are used by the user to design layouts (Designer), create print applications (PowerForms Editor) and to perform automated tasks (Automation Builder). Automation is available as Automation Easy for desktop solutions with a limited range of features and Automation Enterprise with the full feature set for Cloud Business and LMS Enterprise.

Here is a brief overview of the available NiceLabel versions

Version Usage License
NiceLabel Express Version for private users with limited Designer Workstation
NiceLabel Pro The complete version of the layout Designer Pro with all functions Workstation
NiceLabel PowerForms The layout Designer Pro with a license for PowerForms Editor Workstation
NiceLabel PowerForms Suite The layout Designer Pro with PowerForms editor and Automation Printer Seats
NiceLabel Cloud Designer The layout Designer Pro with cloud storage for team work Printer Seats

Printing Forms

If you want to print a label, there is a similar process used: load the label, select a printer, enter the number of prints and start printing. If printing a normal label in NiceLabel, this is how to start printing. However, if the label is connected to a database, NiceLabel offers a very convenient way to print multiple data sets with one selection.

You can select an article, enter number of prints and start printing, but it is very easy to select multible records with its own print quantity. Even that this is a bit unusual way of entering the number of prints, it offers great potential for serial printing and this directly without any additional effort.



Why Automation

Automation Easy is available from PowerForms Suite onwards and can be used to implement a wide variety of requirements: reading data from ERP systems, starting the printout from any other system, connecting scales or barcode readers and barcode validation systems.

The creation of automations is fully supported by the Automation Builder. This application is used to configure what triggers the automation (triggers), how the received data has to be used (filters) and of course what should be done with these information (actions). A automation is not only limited to printing, it can alse be used as user interface for database content.

What is a PowerForm

PowerForms offers a way to make printing of labels in production safer and more effective. Reducing user input through barcode scanners and collecting data for printing from various sources are just two examples. Even complex data collection from different sources can be processed in the background and the user can immediately see the result in a large print preview.

This can all be configured with the PowerForms Editor that offers a wide variety of elements to build the user interface and processes. Some examples are preconfigured table objects, the print preview, printer settings and an input box for prompted variables defined in the layout. Of course, basic elements such as buttons, input fields, selection lists and dropdown lists are also available.



Low Development Costs

The implementation of customer specific solutions are often quite expensive. Requirements must be specified and implementation options should be discussed to define the user requirement specification and finally start implementation. You can already benefit from the solutions we have already implemented in this phase to reduce this costs.

During the implementation phase, a big advantage of an application created with PowerForms becomes important: using our existing modules saves time during development and any feedback in this phase that effects the URS could be realized with no or small cost impact. Our experience shows that nobody has a full overview of all eventualities and therefore small URS modifications during implementation are not unusual.