Product Versions
Our cloud products supporting even smallest companies in the Essentials version and enable large companies with requirements for validation and multiple locations to fullfill them in the Compliance version.
With the subscription model, even simple requirements can be implemented easily and inexpensive and do not require any hardware infrastructure or IT resources. If the requirements increase, the solution can be adapted with minimal effort.


For cloud solutions we work exclusively with our partner Loftware and their NiceLabel Cloud products. This belongs to the various cloud subscriptions and also the local Label Management Software products.

Product overview

In order to cover a wide range of requirements and industrial areas, there are different software packages each optimized for the requirements. The most important question is which software modules are required.

Designer versions come with a print form to display print preview and entering variables. If you want to expand these forms you need the PowerForms versions. In the Powerforms Suite this is extended by automation for integration with other systems. LMS and Cloud offers the additional functions for Label Management including access control, document storage, version control and releases.



Features of the different versions

The Express version of the Designer only offers limited functions. You can license the Designer and Powerforms versions per workstation or to the number of printers. With the LMS and Cloud products there are only licenses per printer available.

The Label Designer takes care of the layout creation, the Application Builder creates extended print forms and the Integration System handles file import and connection to external systems. The Label Management version includes the Document Management System DMS for central data storage and the Quality Management System QMS for release and version control.