Cloud Advantages
We use the advantages of cloud solutions on our smartphones every day to have access to our data from all devices and from any location. Automatic data backups in the cloud are often the life saver after data loss. Why not using the same advantages for production printing.
In addition to cloud data providers such as Apple iCloud, Google Cloud or Microsoft OneDrive, more and more business systems are moving into the cloud. Good examples are SAP S/4 Hana or Microsoft Business Central.


For cloud solutions we work exclusively with our partner Loftware and their Loftware Cloud products. This belongs to the various cloud subscriptions and also the local Label Management Software products.

The easiest way to print

Our cloud solution is completely ready to use within a very short time and even the cheapest version already offers everything that is needed for a label management system. Often the scope of services goes far beyond your previous printing applications.

The Designer allows to create even complex label layouts in the shortest time and store them centrally in the document management to be available everywhere. Due to the central data store and integration of your master data, one source of truth avoids printouts with incorrect data. And if requirements increases it is easy to integrate new processes without huge workload to your IT resources.



External Partners and Home-Office

In addition to normal user logins, the cloud solution also supports Microsoft and Google accounts. This allows external users to easily access label printing or create and manage layouts from their home office. By logging all actions, you can always track what has been done and when.

With these options, you can get customer approval of layouts without printing them into PDF and send by email, simply give your customers access to the cloud with the required restrictions. Even more secure is access to a created web application that allows the partners to print approved labels directly without cloud access. Only the licensed printer seats needs to be taken into account with such solutions.

No infrastructure required

Today's IT environment is becoming more complex and security requirements are constantly increasing. This makes it more cost intensive to support your own IT department with a very wide range of tasks. An in-house label management solution requires a web server for access via browser, a SQL server to store the data and a file server.

All servers must be up to date, protected against viruses and external attacks and a good backup strategy is necessary. Every year more and more companies start taking advantage of high availability and low maintenance costs using cloud products. Your own label management system in the cloud can be setup and used directly in a very short time.



The subject of availability is always at the top of the list of questions, it's simply a strange feeling to store data outside your own servers. But with a closer view to own IT infrastructure, the own servers and availability is in nearly all cases lower compared to big data centers.

All cloud data is hosted on Microsoft Azure data centers. The availability is with 99.9% on a very high level and is ensured via distributed data nodes in five data centers worldwide. Redundant database servers and the Azure backups ensure additional reliability.


Even if the data in the cloud is limited to information printed on the public product labels, security is an important aspect when transferring data to the cloud.

During data transfer, the data is transmitted via TLS and HTTPS and encrypted in real time with AES 256 encryption algorithms. When using Cloud data storage we are using a Microsoft SQL Azure database.

Offline Printing

Our cloud products include an automatic offline printing function.

This is ensured by an automatic synchronization of offline print data for 5 days.


Review your current processes

Increasing business involves new processes to manage and over the years this is getting more complex and sometimes only managed by a few people. Ultimately everything works, but there is a great risk that one of the components goes on error and cause production downtime while the source of failure is hard to find.

Our cloud products offer a great way to centralize these processes. Layout design of even complex labels made easy with the designer, release of layouts via predefined workflows to avoid errors, integration of your data from various sources via automation and the possibility of printing in production as easy as possible. And all of this for each department and across all company locations.

Increase in performance and reduce costs

Even if these are probably the most used words in marketing, our cloud solution comes with no start-up investment and even if you choose a LMS solution you have selected an excellent price/performance ratio.

On the other hand there are savings through extended options and central data storage: low error rate in labeling (= fewer delivery delays and recalls), simple layout design (= fewer IT resources) and better quality assurance through document management (= fewer manual processes).