Process Control
When it comes to automated labeling on production lines, data from the ERP system must be available on the lines at print time and communication with the control technology is required.
With the printing modules from Sato or Zebra, printing on the production lines is possible and our software development offers solutions for integration.


At the Production Lines

The layout design and your master data on one side, the production lines on the other side. In order to connect PLC controls with ERP systems, a number of topics needs to be considered.

We offer the bridge between these systems. Layout design flexible with Loftware Designer and master data via ODBC or SQL Server combined with PLC connection via signals or latest OPC technology.

Processes and Layout Design

Especially on production lines, printers are often directly controlled by the PLC. This implements that changes in layout design will create high costs and are often avoided which cuts down flexibility.

A clear separation of layout design and PLC will give you the required flexibility and will save costs. We could offer a control software connected to your PLC which sends the right layout at time of labeling to the correct printer.