Prisym Design Support
Although the Prisym Design Software is no longer actively developed, we have been providing support for the Prisym Design Software and related components for over 20 years.
We can help with questions about the software and offer support in converting your Prisym Design layouts to Loftware. To do this, you can request a presentation on the steps of a changeover and an analysis of your layouts free of charge.

Questions on Prisym Design

Our support team, with over 25 years of experience with the Prisym Design software, can help with questions about the software even after end of life. The support contracts with us are valid for Loftware products and continue to support the Prisym Design Software.

Since we programmed software that uses Prisym Design for printing, you can also send questions about Prisym Design frontends to our support. This is particularly interesting if you use an applications with Prisym Design but do not have active support from the developer of this software.

Advice on Loftware conversion

When converting Prisym Design layouts, there are a few things that need to be clarified in advance, so that an optimal conversion is possible. These are the printer models used with type, print widths and resolution and whether integration into labeling systems is used. In addition, the data connections must be checked, such as database type, required user input or other connections.

The change opens up many new opportunities to optimize processes that were not possible with Prisym Design. We would be happy to support you in planning such optimizations and also present the expanded options.

Analysis of layout data

We have already developed tools to analyze Prisym Design layouts. This is essential when you have to deal with a large number of layouts. It saves days or even weeks of identifying graphics, fonts, macros or variables used in all layouts. Our tools complete this task in a minimum of time.

We can process this analysis in conjunction with a short presentation on the topic of layout conversion. This is currently free for all Prisym Design users, so please take advantage of the opportunity and arrange an appointment with us. As a result, you will receive an Excel file with the analysis results and a small structural graphic of each layout to identify similar layouts in the Explorer.

Conversion of layouts

Since designing layouts is our daily business, we are usually much quicker at recreating existing layouts. Depending on the number of layouts, in most cases we are cheaper than binding your own resources for this work.

However, it is important to go through the data analysis. As Prisym Design may be used over 25 years, there are often a large number of existing layouts. It is very important to determine which layouts are still used and whether it is possible to reduce the number of layouts via a database connection. We would be happy to give you tips on the topic after analyzing the data.