Label ID Development
As a software house with a focus on labeling technology, our projects are often the bridge between SAP & Co and the production areas with printing stations and labeling systems. Thanks to Loftware PowerForms, solutions can now be implemented much easier, faster and more cost-effectively.
Through all the projects implemented so far, a library of functions and solutions has been created over the years. Benefit from the knowledge by implementing your requirements cost effective with Loftware.

Powerforms Development

The NiceLabel PowerForms provide the base for quick and cost effective development of solutions that supports your processes and can simplify many tasks. A wide variety of scenarios are possible: using scanners to start printing and collecting all print data in the background, creating entire layout catalogs as PDFs, checking a large number of data to see whether they fit into a layout and automated import of data from ERP systems.

With our implemented projects we have build a library of functions and solutions that simplify the implementation of new projects. By using VBasic and Python scripts, even complex processes can be implemented. If there are requirements that cannot be realized with PowerForms, we develop Windows applications with C# to get this solved. This makes connections to control and PLC systems possible.


Cloud Integration

Integration is required with advanced processes in the cloud for existing systems such as SAP & Co and also applies to non-Windows based applications. This can involve printing or release processes and in all cases access to the cloud data is required. Our Cloud Printer app is a good example of such an integration.

To simplify these access, Loftware has created a method in which an integrator key is created and then used for access. The creation is a 3-step process to cover all important security aspects. Please contact us if you require cloud integration.

Layout conversion

Due the retirment of the Prisym Design software by the manufacturer, users of this package have to spent some thoughts about changing the software and layouts. Lots of our customers using Prisym Design for more than 20 years and implementing a new software is not an easy task. We have developed tools to analyze large amounts of data and offer a short workshop on the topic of layout conversion that addresses all the important topics for this task. This is free for all Prisym Design customers, just make an appointment with us.

With a large number of label layouts some required informations for a conversion are difficult to get manually: how many layouts are there, how are these layouts structured, are there ways to reduce the number of layouts, which graphics are used in the layouts and where they are stored, which fonts were used, are there database connections and which variables have been used. Use our free analysis to get exactly this information.