The Loftware solutions in the cloud or onPremise offer powerful label management and layout design with highest level of flexibility.


Customer specific layout design when connecting to SAP & Co either by direct integration or via LABEL ID Connect


Our software development adapts our solution to your requirements. By using modular technology it is cheaper as you think


Benefit from our experience with label printers. We know the advantages and weaknesses of printing systems and offer the optimal printer for your requirement


We would be happy to support you with project planning and with the specifications. Save time collecting infos for printing techniques and printer control.


Use our service to create layout templates for direct control of printing systems or when converting labels


Use our software as bridge between ERP system and production lines. Whether classic connection via control signal or modern OPC communication, we find a solution


For the printing systems purchased from us, we offer service including spare parts storage and also offering regular maintenance through support contracts

Printer Manufacturer
Printing systems for labels in shipping, on production lines or in product labeling is often a critical element
This will require a support team who can assist with questions and help in case of failures. We have printing systems from Sato, Toshiba and Zebra including spare parts storage in our product range and offer support for these systems
Sato Drucksysteme
Toshiba Drucksysteme
Zebra Drucksysteme
Of course, you can also get the right consumables for your printer from us. Whether label material or transfer ribbons - we are happy to help you finding the right material for your requirements
The right combination of label material and transfer ribbons plays a major role in achieving a perfect print result. We offer labels in various qualities, for blank or pre-printed labels and completely adapted to your requirements. Our product range covers various transfer ribbons qualities for almost all thermal transfer printers. The integrated CleanStart function in our thermal transfer ribbons is a unigue product feature and cleans the print head of your printer to increases the service life of your thermal print head.




Standard Software
With our standard software packages we always have a version matching your requirements
  • Loftware Suite
  • Suite
  • Designer, PowerForms, Automation
  • The maximum combination of layout designer, PowerForms for print forms and applications plus the automation for integration with other systems
  • PowerForms Suite
  • Loftware LMS
  • LMS
  • Label Management System
  • Combination of Loftware Suite and Label Managment System with version control, print log and access control
  • Loftware LMS
  • Best Price
  • Cloud Designer
  • Cloud Designer
  • Subscription with free updates
  • Loftware Designer Pro with cloud storage, work in teams and license per printer (unlimited Designers) plus free updates
  • Cloud Designer

Solutions in Production

Production Printing Solutions
Simple and safe operation when printing labels in production is very important. Most of printed information should be collected in the background that the operator has to enter minimal or no manual input.
Loftware Suite and our development team offer perfect options for connecting data sources, barcode scanners or test systems to minimize manual user input. The live data print preview plus most important print settings at hand will optimize production printing.
Barcode Scanner
The barcode scanner is the first and most important step towards secure data input. Simply scan the production order or item number and use the information to query print data.
Data in Barcodes
With the scanned barcode data, the print data can be collected from other systems, databases or production machines and transferred into the label for printing.
Loftware Layouts
The Loftware layout provide the base for the printing with all its powerful layout design features. When using the label management, the use of the latest approved label is always guaranteed.
Production Log
The label management solutions in the cloud or onPremise LMS provide a production log as proof of printing. For other versions, our development team can integrate this into a custom solution.

Mobile Development

Mobile Solutions & Printing
In the past, mobile data acquisition was still a specialty for decicated devices. But nowadays smartphones being used more and more, because they offer all the other functions in addition to reading a barcode
When developing mobile applications, around 80% of our projects were delivered for Apple devices, mostly because of data security. Use our experience and fast reaction times with small project-oriented development team

Cloud Products

Our Cloud product range will offer a solution for any kind of business. Simply add features like approval workflows, role based access and a central data storage to your label printing environment. Access and printing from anywhere with your data and layouts
  • Essentials
  • Cloud Storage: 1 GB
    Print History: 3 Month
    Data Provider: Access, Excel, ODBC
    Workflow: 1 (fix)
    Automation: Easy
  • Best Value
  • Business
  • Cloud Storage: 5 GB
    Print History: 1 year
    Data Provider: Access, Excel, ODBC, SQL
    SQL Cloud DB: 5 GB
    Workflows: unlimited
    Automation: Enterprise
  • Compliance
  • Cloud Storage: 5 GB
    Print History: 12 Years
    Data Provider: Access, Excel, ODBC, SQL
    SQL Cloud DB: 5 GB
    Workflows: unlimited
    Automation: Enterprise
    System Validation: available
    Environments: Test, QS, Production
  • Designer
  • Cloud Storage (access everywhere)
    Layout Designer Pro (unlimited)
    License per printer
    Free updates
    No automation or PowerForms
See more details of the various cloud solutions, head over to or dedicated cloud product pages