Custom Solutions
Solving requirements with existing standard software is the simplest way. But sometimes a software should suports established processes instead changing current processes to match the software requirement.
Our dedicated team creates solutions and can modify the standard software to match your processes. This could be done with PowerForms applications, automated integrations or even installable Software modules.

PowerForms Development

Loftware PowerForms offer a large number of options for creating print forms or complete application exactly to your requirements. While a small modification to the print form is easy to create, complex solutions require the IT department or programmers to implement them in VBScript or Python.

Take advantage of our experience through implemented projects. With our library of functions created over the years, many things are already available. This usually enables a more cost-effective implementation than using your own programmers or IT department.


Process oriented solutions

Very often software solutions must be adapted to your processes from data entry up to label printing. Loftware modules supports this with PowerForms or automated Integration.

To prevent errors in your daily work and also to minimize inputs, its ideal if the process could support barcode scanners. Simply scan the barcode of your work order and our customized software solution will collect data from all given data sources and print your label.

Modular software design

Customized software solutions can simplify processes and make them more cost effective. Our experience with such solutions combined with our existing module library and already implemented projects, allow an implementation for reasonable prices.

Implemented projects covering lots of different areas, from database connection to process control. Talk to us, perhaps we have solutions to your requirement that you don't have in mind.



Data Integration

All data required for printing is available in our system! Great if this is valid for your system, but unfortunately the reality often looks different and print data is spread over different data sources.

Master data from one system, the production data from somewhere else and your customers would like to get their own information printed on his layout. We can combine these requirements in customized software solutions, perfectly tailored to your needs.