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Smart Printer
It's not just our smartphones that are becoming more and more intelligent, the printers themselves can also take on more and more tasks without external PC software in label printing. With a touch display on the printer and extended programming options, the smart printer is a reality today.
As a certified SATO partner for software development under AEP, we can offer smart printer solutions directly and cost-effectively. From data from your Excel table to the direct connection of scanners or scales. Feel free to ask us about promotions.

Printers in Internet of Things

When it comes to intelligent printers, there are models with their own display that can be used completely independently and often also support battery operation. Here we have shown some solutions using the Sato FX3-LX as an example.

In addition, some industrial printers also offer internal functions that enable independent operation. Internal programmable functions are then available here, such as with Sato via AEP and with Zebra via the DNA interface. Of the internal functions, the independent cloud connection deserves special mention. The printers connect themselves to the NiceLabel Cloud without local installations. This is currently supported by the Zebra and Sato printer models shown. A similar connection is still available with Epson printers in the CW series.



Connect a scale directly

Whether in the inventory or in preparation for shipping, sometimes the weight is required on the label. Manufacturers of scales often offer a printer, but mostly with limited layout options for the label and the printer can only be used with the scales.

The Sato FX3, on the other hand, can be used universally and scales from many manufacturers with an RS232 interface can be connected via USB adapter. If you press Print on the scale, the Sato FX3 recognizes this, the weight is read out and printed with on label layout. Of course, the remaining data to be printed on the label can be taken from your Excel table or database.

Integrated scanner connection

The direct use of a barcode scanner is already provided via the USB connection on the Sato FX3. Scan your barcode and the printer looks for the correct product in your data file in the FX3 and prints the appropriate label. A connected barcode scanner is usually recognized directly.

The programming of the Sato FX3 always includes the layout design according to your specifications. Texts, pictures and all common barcodes are possible here, including 2D codes and barcodes for special applications such as GS1 or HIBC.


Mobile solution without a PC

Often it is the simple and obvious solutions that make everyday work easier. In this example, labels are required for a special promotion and the data for this is not in your ERP system, but simply in an Excel list. The Sato FX3 helps you here and offers a direct solution without a PC and, if necessary, completely mobile.

The creation of this small application is significantly cheaper than a PC solution and is fully portable. The data from your Excel list is simply sent to the printer using a software tool and you're ready to go.


Smart Printers

Sato FX3-LX
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Sato FX3-LX
Druckbreite: 80 mm
Auflösung: 300 dpi
Geschwindigkeit: 6 ips
Display: Color
Interface: USB, LAN

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