Prisym Design Legacy
Prisym Design as a powerful software for label design and printing has found a large number of satisfied users in the over 30 years since its introduction. In January 2023, the discontinuation for March 2024 was announced.
The large number of users therefore have to think about the label layouts they create. As Prisym Sales for D-A-CH, we have developed tools to simplify the work.

Prisym Design 2024

Since January 2023, PRISYM ID has been part of the Loftware Group as the developer of Prisym Design Software, which also includes Loftware Suite Software. Because Loftware Suite offers a more comprehensive feature set, a more modern user interface design and broader platform and printer support compared to Prisym Design, end of support has been decided on March 2024.

This discontinuation was unexpected even for us as a distributor for D-A-CH and we have taken a number of measures to make the changeover as easy as possible for our customers. We informed all customers at short notice by email and are always in touch to discuss important topics. We recommend that users of the Prisym Design Software make use of the free presentation and data analysis options.

Layout analysis

Since the Prisym Design Software has been used by some customers for over 30 years, a very large number of layouts have often accumulated. Here it is almost impossible to evaluate the effort required for a change. Which graphics and fonts are used, is there a connection to databases or which inputs are required.

We have therefore developed tools to analyze a large number of label layouts. In addition to the information about variables used, images, fonts and databases, we also create a structural image for each label. With these images we can recognize similar layouts and evaluate how much effort would be required to change them.


Support when switching to Loftware

After analyzing the data, there are a few options to help you maintain production without interruption and minimize your resources for the transition. Since designing layouts is our daily business, we are usually quicker at recreating existing layouts and can offer this depending on staff availability.

If you have a custom Prisym frontend supplied by us to simplify your labeling processes, we can convert this. But there are also often simple ways to implement this with modules from other partners. If your own macros are used in the Prisym layouts, our library of functions may provide a direct replacement of the macro.

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Online presentation Prisym Design migration

Make an appointment for a short presentation on switching Prisym Design to Loftware and a free data analysis.

  • What can you do
  • How we can support
  • Analysis of the print data
  • Designer Prisym vs Loftware
  • Loftware license models
  • The advantages of the change
Arrange a free presentation/data analysis
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Prisym Design Download

Here you can download the latest version of Prisym Design Software 6.17.1. This works on an unlicensed PC in a 30-day test mode. Please note that until March 2024 only versions that have already been licensed can be activated with a replacement key. Sales of Prisym Design have been discontinued since March 2023.

By downloading the trial version, we will automatically inform you about the presentation on the changeover and the free data analysis. If you are a Prisym Design user, please note that in the event of a PC error or change of operating system, replacement activation will no longer be possible from March 2024 and production may no longer be able to print.

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