Cognex Hardware
For mobile scanning and data collection, you can use proprietary systems from various manufacturers or systems with an Android operating system. Cognex is one of the few providers with support for Apple devices
Due to the different security concepts for Android compared to Apple devices, iPhones or iPads are often used in our projects. That is why the Cognex range with robust readers is an important part of our mobile product range


Modular construction

The modular structure of Cognex devices allows a variety of possible combinations with smartphones and camera modules optimized for the application.

In addition to inlays for Apple iPhones, you will also find Android models like Samsung or Nokia in the program. The camera modules have models for long reading distances, models with fast autofocus and for reading directly marked Datamatrix barcodes.

Flexible accessories

The MX series protects your investments, because if you change the smartphone to a current model, you can continue to use the entire hardware. Only the inlay has to be changed to match the new device.

In addition to the contactless charging station, which also always charges the integrated smartphone, there are other accessories for a wide variety of uses. Gun grip with integrated battery to extend the runtime, wrist strap or belt holder and USB-C adapter for charging via USB connection.



Optimized camera modules

The MX1502 series is equipped with strong barcode reading algorithms and technologies. This technology can process further reading distances as well as Datamatrix codes that are produced by direct marking (DotPen or laser) technologies.

The entry-level model MX-1000 for short reading distances with a fixed focus and the MX-1502 models are our Cognex portfolio. The MX-1502ER as a standard model with autofocus and wide reading area. The MX-1502XR for long reading distances up to 8 meters and autofocus. Our MX-1502DL for difficult DPM 2D barcodes plus reading on highly reflective surfaces and the MX-1502UV for reading barcodes printed in UV technology.