Prisym Chemica
The GHS / CLP requirements in the chemical industry have increased the tasks of layout design significantly. More and more data and symbols have to be placed on the label layout
Prisym Chemica offers the current H&P phrases in 34 languages as approved records in our GHS database. Combined with special functions such as font scaling, text flow and color definitions, plus a maintenance contract for updating, you are ideally equipped for GHS-compliant labeling


Safety Regulations

PRISYM Chemica offers all functions of the PRISYM Design Pro Software plus a database with approved safety and risk phrases. To make sure that this statements are always up-to-date, the records can be updated via the supplied Update Tool. These updates are covered by the maintenance contract and you will be notified by mail of current updates

This database covers GHS H & P statements as well as for the older R & S phrases, each available in 34 languages. Available languages: Bulgaria, Bosnia, Czech, Denmark, Austria, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Croatia, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Latvia, Malay, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, China

Statement 1:N Connection

Often your ERP system doesn't offer a good way to add a huge amount of language translations for GHS statements to your product data. Also a 1:N link to external translation tables is sometimes hard to integrate or even impossible

The Prisym Design Cross Reference Script allows it to define all required GHS statements for a product in one single text column, even if the translations are in a separate database. This gives you an easy way to define GHS statements in any unused text column within your product record, while using the translations separately in the Chemica database



Update Service

Updating the GHS statements yourself, is even in your own language a quite time-consuming task with high responsibility. But when it comes to other languages, this becomes much more difficult or impossible without external translation offices

PRISYM Chemica comes with a maintenance agreement which ensures up-to-date H&P statements, managed via information by e-mail and update with our Chemica Update Tool. These updates are checked and approved by professionals with appropriate language skills, so that you have a reliable database

Managing long text phrases

One big challenge under GHS is to add a lot of multiple language statements into limited space on the layout. The automatic font scaling function will provide a solution to this requirement. PRISYM Chemica could automatically adjusting font size and spacing within the ranges your specify. Only when the smallest font does not fit, you receive an error message before printing

Another important function is the text flow through various blocks of text with simultaneous use of font scaling. So that you can let texts flow around images or output in multiple columns