Label ID Connect
Secure master data from SAP & Co, combined with a very flexible layout design, is always a challenge. How often are labels created based on customer requirements. The costs for this plus the time required for integration in the ERP system are often very high
This is where LABEL ID Connect comes in and offers a simple interface to the ERP system with layout creation in the Prisym Design Software. Low one-time costs for the connection, but absolute flexibility in layout design with the use of save, up-to-date master data

Data Connection

LABEL ID Connect is a network service that simulates a printer to receive data from the ERP system. Through this technique, the data transmission is possible with minimal effort on the ERP site

Only a small form must be created holding the print data plus layout name and printer. This form is then printed on a Generic/TextOnly network printer via IP address. LABEL ID Connect is waiting for data under this IP address and generates the print output


Flexible Layout Design

The layout creation with PRISYM Design is optimized for label printing. What could be better than filling these layouts directly from your ERP system with data and start printing. LABEL ID Connect is the middleware which implements this concept consistently and connects secure data sharing with flexible layout design

When setting up LABEL ID Connect, there are placeholders defined according to your print data which could be placed wherever required in the layout. These placeholders can be used in barcodes, text and images. You could use them any number of times in the layout and they were updated at print time with live data

Connection without Coding

LABEL ID Connect requires no programming for the connection to the ERP system, all necessary information will be provided in the report generation tool within SAP & Co. For this purpose, you only need to create a raw form with all the required print data (field name and content)

The names of the placeholders in the label design must match with the transferred field names. When the form is printed later, LABEL ID Connect will receive the print data, fill up matching placeholders with their content and print the label on the assigned printer. You could also place only a subset of the placeholders on your layout, so that in most cases your IT will add everything what maybe used for printing someday


Variable Printing Systems

For maximum flexibility on the print output device, you could use the PRISYM Design generic printer type during the layout design phase. Layouts that are designed for this generic printer can be used on all printing systems

LABEL ID Connect receives the print data together with the layout design to be used and the installed printer on which to print the labels. It will than convert the layout design to match the selected printer for optimum print quality